Learn Why EMS is Great for All Ages

Am I too old for EMS? Am I too young to benefit?

Frequently asked questions when we speak with those deciding about whether to start EMS training at Vive are related to age – Am I too old or young for EMS training? Isn’t it specifically for people that need help with pain, or doesn’t it only work when you’re fit and healthy already?

These misconceptions make it seem like EMS is only applicable to certain niches e.g. unfit individuals, those with chronic pain, or alternatively, for athletic performance etc. In fact, EMS is applicable for all age groups, regardless of your fitness level prior to joining us for a session and here’s why.

EMS Sessions Are Dynamic & Functional

EMS is not a treatment, it’s a dynamic way of working out. The EMS adds an extra element on top of a directed fitness routine with our trainers to enhance your adaptation to training. EMS adds a targeted electronic pulse – causing the major muscle groups and the hard to reach muscles to contract whilst completing functional movements. Whether you’re old or young, fit or not, these muscles can be trained and targeted easier through EMS, compounding your gains throughout the body.

When you begin to workout, you’re slowly building and breaking down these muscle fibres each time, and EMS aids that development by reaching more muscles in a shorter space of time. As we always say, in 20 minutes with EMS you can achieve the same, if not more results than a typical 1 hour workout session.

Key Benefits for Older Members

As we age, our body tries to work against us. Factors such as primary sarcopenia can lead to a 0.5-1% loss of muscles mass per year if we just continue to do our regular activities that we’ve always done. Therefore, if you are now 70 years old, there is a chance that you have lost 20-40% of your muscle mass compared to when you were 30. To compound this, we tend to do less activity as we age too, leading to accelerated muscle loss. Furthermore, we tend to use our powerful fibers less and less as we age – this is where EMS comes into its own. EMS helps activate your fast fibres without having to do high-impact explosive exercises. Whilst just doing controlled functional range-of-motion exercises, EMS will greatly stimulate your fast powerful fibres, in turn enhancing your lost strength and muscle mass.

When we target areas like your legs, hips and back, we are able to reduce pain with as little as two sessions, and it’s not a coincidence. By building strength in these areas, you’re reinforcing your function and overall health.

Key Benefits for Younger Members

For the youthful people out there, you are gaining the same strength and functional benefits via a more efficient routine that helps your body kick into gear a lot faster.

With the help of our guided routines, tailored for you and your targets, we can get you moving towards your goals. EMS isn’t a crutch, nor a magical tool, but once it’s properly used and integrated with your fitness routines with us, you’re sure to notice a huge change in your results.

Age often will play a role in how you approach your fitness routine. Let EMS be an efficient tool to enhance your fitness routine – efficiency and outcome is a core part of why EMS has been an excellent addition to many workouts through the years.

Why not give us a try and see for yourself?

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