A 20-minute workout with EMS is comparable to three 90-minute general workout workouts.

EMS Training is about RESULTS!

EMS Training is PACKED with benefits & the king of RESULTS!
Our Personalized, One-on-One Training allows us to identify YOUR goals & make sure each session builds you to achieve them.

None of us are one size fits all, and neither is our training!

Burning fat is what we do!

Fat loss, muscle growth, strengthening, and toning is what you can expect from exercising with our Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

We’ve helped TONS of clients reach their goals cellulite reduction and weight loss.

Burn calories AND build muscle at the same time!

Don't have 5-10 hours a week for the gym?

With Tummo trainers’ expertise, you’ll start to notice results FAST, in only 20 minutes once a week.

Within weeks, you’ll notice your strength and muscle definition become apparent. Within months, the recognizable benefits will be endless!

Your goals are our goals! Both in time and results!

Physical Results & Benefits

Within WEEKS you’ll begin to notice physical changes. Whether it’s appearance or how you feel day to day.

Our clients have commented:

  • Fat Loss
  • Stronger Muscles
  • Increased Endurance
  • Back & Joint Pain Relief
  • Strengthened Pelvic Floor


And best of all, major increases in Endorphins! Meaning overall feeling of wellness and happiness day to day.

Mental Results & Benefits

Tummo Studio is here to support you in your journey of health. Not just physical, but mental well-being as well! Our trainers are here to motivate and push you to be best version of yourself!

Our clients have commented:

  • Drastic increase in self-confidence
  • Decreased daily stress
  • Improved mood
  • Decrease joint pressure
  • Less anxiety

Before / After

EMS is Electric Muscle Stimulation. EMS training combines external electrical stimulation with specially designed exercises allowing you to achieve astonishing results with minimal effort. Until you try a session it may be hard to believe, EMS is a health and fitness hack that allows you to build muscle and burn fat in a fraction of the time of conventional training. Literally, only 20 MINUTES A WEEK!