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EMS is Electric Muscle Stimulation. EMS training combines external electrical stimulation with specially designed exercises allowing you to achieve astonishing results with minimal effort. Until you try a session it may be hard to believe,  EMS is a health and fitness hack that allows you to build muscle and burn fat in a fraction of the time of conventional training. Literally, only 20 MINUTES A WEEK!


I’m a older woman and wasn’t too familiar with EMS.. I’ve had back and neck injuries and haven’t found a workout that doesn’t aggravate them. I decided to give it a shot. I am beyond thrilled with the results. In a fraction of the time of regular workout I was able to feel results without a negative impact on my back and neck. I was trained by Joe and he was very helpful and attentive to my concerns regarding my previous injury. I was at ease the entire time and most definitely recommend Tummo Studios.

Debra T.
Tummo Studios is great! The EMS workouts are quick and effective, and can fit into anyone’s busy schedules. I love the way I feel after these workouts! Highly recommend this place!
Bethany V.
I went for my first EMS training session and was amazed. I had the best workout of my life in 20 minutes. Seriously i was as sore as if i lifted heavy weights for hours. The place was immaculate and my trainer Joe was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Im a little weary of regular gyms nowadays because of Covid, but this is totally safe and clean. Its such a breath of fresh air in the in the fitness world.
David D.

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