Setting up a franchise: The basics and key success indicators

Franchising is a very attractive option for those who want to start their own business without bearing all the risks. Even if these risks are not all eliminated, franchising has many advantages to succeed. As with any business, signing up for a franchise requires passion and hard work. If you’re thinking about getting into the business, here are some tips for success.  

Defining a franchise project

Franchising is a collaboration contract between the franchisor, the owner of a brand and know-how, and the franchisee, an entrepreneur who wishes to exploit these assets. Contrary to a “classic” entrepreneurial project where the entrepreneur sets up his project from A to Z, in a franchise, he/she benefits from the know-how of the initiator of the project, which in principle, would make his/her investment easily profitable. The idea is promising, but before you start, here are a few things to consider in order to make your franchise a success:  

  • Be trained on the aspects of the franchise: be fully informed on the different steps of opening your franchise, both in administrative terms and from a commercial perspective; 
  • Have the required financing: franchising has a cost, find out about the different fees you have to pay to complete your project. Among other things, you will have to convince your bank to grant you a loan to pay for the installation and set-up costs of the franchise. 

Tips for success   

Some franchisees tend to rest on their laurels because they are already enjoying the success of the franchise. Opening a franchise is only the beginning of the adventure and some advice would not be too much to ask for to ensure the full success of your business.  

A successful franchise project relies on teamwork between you and your franchisor. Your interests are aligned and a good relationship between you is essential to move forward. The franchisor is expected to be completely transparent with his franchisee and this must be a two-way process.  

The franchise project must be based on a relevant business model. Tummo Studio‘s model has been duplicated in a hundred franchised studios, which indicates a mastery of its business model.  

Become an Tummo Studio’s franchisee

If you are passionate about wellness and want to invest in the field, Tummo Studio’s franchise is what you need. The first studio opened in 2015 and today the network has 8 master franchises and about 100 other studios in different locations. There is no need to prove the reputation of the company in the field of electrostimulation. You will obviously benefit from training that will allow you to master all aspects of the business to ensure profitability from the very first month of activity. Don’t wait any longer, contact us to become an Tummo Studio’s franchisee

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