Immune Centric Fat Loss Program

Core concepts of Immune Centric Fat Loss:

Genetic Testing!

Another service offered at Tummo is specific nutritional advice based on your DNA. Nowadays lots of people are eager to join a “food camp”. Keto, vegan, paleo, intermittent fasting etc. And they are more than willing to tell their friends that this is the way to go. However, what works for one person will not work for everyone. We are all unique, and our bodies have individual needs. Here at Tummo we believe its important to first distinguish what these needs are. We do this with DNA testing. We all have differences in our DNA known as genetic polymorphisms. These differences put some of us at a higher disposition to certain diseases, including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancers. Some of us don’t absorb certain minerals and nutrients properly, and we need to make adjustments. Some of us would benefit from more carbs, fiber, or a plant-based diet, where others would benefit more from a Mediterranean diet or even a red meat-based diet. The foods we eat and supplements we take can either steer us towards or away from our physical goals, but what’s most important is for us to first understand our individual needs. At Tummo we provide genetic testing that takes a non-invasive saliva sample from you. The raw data is analyzed by a separate company that gives us a full comprehensive report. Your comprehensive report is then analyzed by our in-house nutritional coach. Your 50+ page report is broken down in plain English for you with a cheat sheet of customized health hacks based on your DNA.

This is one of the most valuable services we offer at Tummo and our clients never cease to be amazed by how much they learn about themselves from this testing. We hear things all the time like “that’s why I’m always hungry before bed!” Or “that’s why I never lost weight on a low carb diet!”

Here is a sample of a summary of results and action plan of one of our trainers here at Tummo. He was in excellent shape, and was still surprised at his results and things he was doing wrong, and now that he’s made the necessary adjustments, he has taken his health and fitness to the next level. Before he got his gene testing results he was like so many people who are doing their best to take care of themselves. He exercised, he did his research and ate what he thought was an ideal diet, and took what he thought were the right supplements. Little did he know he was not only missing key nutrients for his body’s needs, but he was actually putting himself at risk for certain health problems later in life. His experience highlights not only the importance of gene testing and customized nutrition plans, but the importance of knowing our clients’ differences and treating everyone on an individual basis.

(Keep in mind this summary is condensed from a 50+ page report, a considerable amount of work goes into analyzing this report)

Genetic polymorphisms (summarized) Course of action (summarized)
Reduced risk for Alzheimers, increased risk of hypertriglyceridemia Have regular bloodwork done keeping an eye on triglycerides
Saturated fat may have a negative effect on blood glucose and insulin levels Reduce saturated fat intake
Genetic risk for Vitamin D deficiency Supplement with additional 5000 IU Vitamin D per day
High Risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes Reduce saturated fat intake (Red meat, butter, coconut oil), increase intake of polyunsaturated fat (Fish, Nuts, seeds, fish oil supplement)
Tendency for reduced cardiovascular endurance Cold exposure, intermittent fasting, increase in cardio
Folate metabolism disorder Supplement with B12/B2/5-Methylfolate
Slight risk of celiac disease Keep an eye on gluten intake and pay attention to how you react, possibly supplement with special enzymes that break down gluten when you do consume high gluten meals
Risk of obesity and reduced thermogenesis Supplement with fish oil, regular exercise
Susceptibility to noise induced hearing loss Supplement with resveratrol and intermittent fasting
Increased ability to develop fast twitch muscle fiber Heavy weights, low reps, mixed with HIT training
Increased risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes Intermittent fasting, 7+ hours of sleep per night
Hunter/gatherer farmer gene pool Cut out excess sugar, fasted exercise is good, moderate carbs
Reduced phosphatidylcholine production Supplement with Choline + TMAO, eat more eggs
Short telomere length Mediterranean diet
Slight increased risk for obesity, high protein diet suitability High protein diet good for weight loss
Slight metabolic risk that may effect diet suitability Keto diets are bad. Focus on HIT training, integrate cold exposure, supplement with curcumin
Increased risk of prostate cancer if dietary carotenoids are inadequate Increase antioxidant intake, supplement with lycopene (high amounts of lycopene are in cooked tomatoes)
Increased risk for obesity, fiber may help with abdominal obesity Increase fiber intake, supplement if necessary
Lower vitamin B12 levels Supplement with vitamin B12
Faster caffeine metabolism Drink caffeinated beverages slowly, you don’t need as much for desired effect, but may need more later as it wears off faster
Lactose intolerance in adulthood likely You will benefit from a high protein lower carb diet
Vitamin E supplementation may be harmful Don’t supplement with vitamin E!
Elevated circulating BCAA’s and risk for type 2 diabetes on high fat diet Avoid ketogenic diets
2-fold increased risk for blood cancer Supplement with resveratrol and intermittent fasting
Short than normal telomere length likely Quality sleep, reduce stress, cut out excess sugar and processed meat
Ketogenic diets is not good for you personally due to a slight risk of elevated blood pressure Eat a more Mediterranean based diet (Fish, healthy oils, colorful veggies, nuts, healthy fats)
Slight increased inflammation in conjunction with a high linoleum acid (omega 6’s) diet Reduce Omega 6 intake (soy, corn, saffron and sunflower oils,) supplement with more Omega 3’s (fish oil)
1.67 fold increase for obesity particularly with saturated fat Reduce saturated fat
Reduced resting metabolic rate Intermittent fasting, cold exposure
-26.7% poorer conversion of ala into omega-3 epa Supplement with curcumin
Susceptibility to norovirus infection Supplement with vitamin B12
Slight increased risk for achilles tendinopathy Prehabilitation exercises (stretching your achilles tendons regularly)
Slight increased risk for type 2 diabetes related to zinc transport Supplement with zinc
Susceptibility to increased muscle soreness from strength training More recovery training from weight training and additional endurance exercise
Slight increased risk for type 2 diabetes, alters response to diet Low fat diet, with high protein and fiber and decent amount of healthy carbs
Increased risk of Crohn’s disease associated with impaired vitamin c transport Eat vitamin C rich foods such as broccoli, red and green peppers, and brussel sprouts (Note, you want whole foods, not vitamin c supplements for this)
Increased risk for hypertension and greater responsiveness to a low sodium diet Watch your salt intake, too much is bad